Kenya wedding awards 2019

"best restaurant garden nominee"


The Kenya Wedding Awards specializes in recognizing and rewarding excellence in the Wedding Industry. This year we are proud yet humbled to be nominated for the Kenya Wedding Awards 2019 - "Best Restaurant Garden of the Year”!!

This has been a journey of love and we have been blessed to see so many come together to celebrate and share their love for each other. Every wedding and event has been a blessing. We ask that you continue to support us in our very first nomination by voting – Thank you to everyone that has supported us thus far and continue to do so -  God Bless!

1. Click on 'Sign Up/Log In' button
2. Log in either using Facebook, Gmail or any other email provider.
3. Once you have an account you'll be redirected back to the voting portal.
4. Scroll to the category "Best Restaurant Garden of the Year”
5. Click on Enkishon Gardens to Submit your Vote 
6. Once you vote the category disappears

*You can only vote once per category through the entire voting process*

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